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Giving Back to the Community


Dr. Aulakh visits Government schools in Punjab, India where dental care is very limited. She provides dental screenings to the kids and gives them Oral hygiene instructions to the kids. She is involved with the Sahaita Organization Website: non-profit organization that conducts medical and dental camps in underserved areas of Punjab. This year is Dr. Aulakh's fifth year to join Sahaita for fundraising for orphan kids and the second year to visit India for dental camps. These camps happen every year in February and anyone in the medical or dental field is welcome to join. She is very grateful to her staff too as they look after her office while she is away on this trip. Dr. Aulakh dreams of setting up a dental chair in these schools in the future to provide some treatments to these kids as they have to travel a long distance to visit a Dentist and some of the parents can't afford the treatment. We are always looking for kind-hearted souls in the field of dentistry to make our dream come true. The visit is only 10 days but it is memories that last forever in the hearts of everyone involved.

Giving Back

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