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Kids Dentist


Dentist for Kids

If you’re looking for effective and professional dental care for your kids, there are certain essential requirements a perfect kids dentist has to fulfill.

Friendly Smiles Dental Care has been providing high quality, compassionate dental care for children. As a mother of two Dr. Aulakh knows what it takes to be patient and properly communicate with children to gain their trust. She has been a Public health Dentist and has five years of experience with just treating Children for their Dental needs. Our dental care team is dedicated to provide safe, secure and healthy dental care environment and we have a kid-friendly atmosphere at the dental clinic.

The Right Time for kids to visit the Dentist, Burke

Parents should introduce their children to the Dentist from their early age for routine office visits so that they may get comfortable with the Dental Office. Children are mostly recommended to have their teeth professionally examined by a dentist who takes kids in the practice from the age of one year or as soon as the first tooth appears. It helps the parents maintain proper oral hygiene for their kids. Friendly Smiles Dental Careis famous for effective preventive dental childhood treatment.

Appropriate and Permanent Teeth Alignment

Most parents don’t make it a big deal at the early stages of life as they don’t know that baby teeth are actually the foundation of strong and strengthened permanent teeth in their adulthood.

Parents are essentially required to go to kids dentists on a regular basis for proper teeth maintenance and alignment from the initial stages. Losing baby teeth early can bring teeth alignment problems, so kids dentists have to fill the cavity for its long terms oral health maintenance where the underlying permanent teeth quickly start to emerge there. At Friendly Smiles Dental Care, we not only focus on fillings and regular teeth examinations, but we also focus on educating our parents on how to keep their children’s teeth at early age. We at Friendly Smiles Dental Care take our little angels comfort very seriously and if they have to be sedated for an extensive treatment, we have a wonderful group of Pediatric Dentists in the area who make sure they have healthy and happy teeth for a long time.

We have after school and Saturday appointments available so they don’t have to miss school for their Dental appointments. We will also provide with School excuse for the day of the visit. We look forward to meeting with you and your little ones.

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